With love?



With all the decisions we make in a day, wouldn’t it be nice to have one simple question that steered us to the best choice? (And by best, I mean the choice with the most positive impact on the world.) Or better yet, what if we had some standard to measure ourselves with that worked in any situation?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we do. If you can’t do it with love, don’t do it. Love is the most fulfilling standard I’ve come up with to measure my own success. Yes, I’m quite achievement-oriented and that gets out of hand sometimes. What I’ve learned is to productively harness the consequences of being type A by redefining what success looks like. How do I know if I should have a certain conversation or if I should go to the gym or if I should attend the party? I ask myself if I’m doing it out of love or fear. For example, am I going to yoga because I’m scared my arms will be a little less defined tomorrow if I don’t or because I love how it feels?

I’m chuckling as I write this because I’m making it sound like I’ve mastered this when in fact, this is exactly where I need to focus right now.

The consequence of using love as our guide is simply an elevated world where we approach one another with kindness and compassion, not jealousy and hostility. That’s a world I want to live in.

So, my personal challenge is to figure out whether my actions are done out of love for myself or someone else. If not, I’ll know it’s time to either cut that activity out or change my mindset so I can do it with love. Feel free to join me…but only if you can pursue this challenge with love 😉





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