After I came back from a “find yourself” journey in Asia, I realized how much the Western world could benefit from the basic meditation principles I learned on my trip. The questions people asked me seemed to assume that meditation is some mystical thing that requires an orange robe and a gong. It really is as simple as paying attention. But don’t mistake simple for easy. In our fast-paced, high-tech world, sustained attention on any one thing is quite challenging.

I first came to meditation through yoga, which I started during graduate school as a way to find balance during the brutal first semester. I’d always been an athlete and knew I loved pushing my physical limits, but yoga offered something more. I loved the mental challenge of enduring uncomfortable sensations even when every part of you wanted it to be over. So much of how you practice yoga is a metaphor for life. Do you give up when things get hard? Or do you stay and breathe through it? I learned that what you’re capable of is 100% determined by your mind.

After graduate school, I got an amazing job with all the perks. I was supported by my team, I had resources and autonomy, I got to do interesting work, I was recognized and rewarded…everything you could ask for really. Then, after two years none of that mattered anymore because I wasn’t having the impact on the world I wanted to. I wanted to get back to basics and help people move their bodies and feel peace inside themselves. Hence, this blog.

Ultimately, I want to impact a million people. I truly believe that if everyone had a regular meditation practice, the world would see less war, less disease, and a whole lot more happiness. Currently, I work in a people development role for a company that’s all about accountability, integrity, and personal growth. I also teach yoga and fitness classes. I can truly say that at this point in my life, I have everything I want. I believe that it is completely within my control to experience happiness every day.

If you want to connect on meditation, living your passion, happiness, or anything else that will elevate the world, please get in touch.

“The ultimate source of happiness is our mental attitude.” – Dalai Lama


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  1. It has been such a pleasure to read your blog. It is very inspiring and makes one want to always reach inside for the happiness we all deserve. You have great wisdom and insight for one so young. I look forward to reading more.

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